Transmedia storytelling is the process of conveying messages, themes or storylines to a mass audience through the artful and well-planned use of multiple platforms.

After 20 years at the heart of multi-platform content creation, covering all aspects from Television and live broadcast to animation, Post-production, and advertising. Rayan progressed to focus his attention on the evolution of storytelling; By using traditional media at the core, and pushing outward and expanding the story through strategically placed entry points while using available and evolving tools, peripherals, and devices.
Storytelling and Content Creation have gone beyond the linear format. Rayan Ghammachi looks at intuitive ways to create, share and expand a story while factoring in key strategic and marketing objectives for the original content.

Transmedia is both a technique and philosophy of communications and brand extension that enriches and broadens the lifecycle of creative content.



A Video is unique in its ability to connect with viewers, that’s why more than 61% of consumed content is video. It's time for your story to be seen and shared, so let’s shoot and create your awesome stories!

360 & VR

A realistic and immersive simulation of a video or a three-dimensional environment created using special cameras, interactive software and hardware. it can be experienced on any mobile device and/or special VR equipment.


Animations are no longer restricted to overpriced productions. The day of having everything from 3D and 2D animation to motion graphics and visual effects in your videos has arrived.


Weaving real-world activations, apps, games, social sharing, and even websites into a cross-platform concept requires a delicate balance between technical and creative development. Let's take your story to the next level.